This Reclaimed Wood Becomes These Products Below

Recycled wood from local buildings when torn down
Reclaimed lumber, resawing, milling

This is what your reclaimed project looks when it comes to Atlas

And how it ends up looking like the cost saving durable finished pieces you see on our website.

Some credit goes to our large bandsaws, multi spindle boring machines, drill presses, Shapers. Stroke sanders, planners, table saws, crosscut saws for millwork.


Why you ask?

  • They enable us to be very precise in meeting your highest expectations.
  • They allow us to work more efficiently to keep your cost down.
  • Our skilled artisans and their attention to the smallest of detail to satisfy your most exacting demands.
  • Our Green initiative is the same as yours. Together we keep our planet self-efficient and beautiful.

Projects Using Reclaimed Materials


Wine caddie reclaimed wood


Display crates reclaimed wood


Prefabbed parquet flooring recycled

Tables Created Using Reclaimed Materials


Farm tables reclaimed wood


Dining room table custom made with 200-year-old reclaimed material


200-Year-old timber looks good

One of our Pieces of Equipment Used to Help Reclaim Materials